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reliquary – dark and beautiful music

hello, lovelies!

We are still alive, kicking, and trying to get Album No. 3 recorded, mixed, mastered and into your hot little hands! It’s going in fits and starts, so here’s a little something to tide you over:

It is a 270-degree view of the studio, with all guitars and basses hanging properly for the first time literally ever, can I get a hallelujah!

ALSO: If you are on the Tumblr, our URL has changed. We are now found at ReliquaryAZ.Tumblr.com, where we are posting bits and bobs and old pics and videos and whatnot, almost no shitposting. We’re also trying to be slightly more social on Facebook and Twitter, so come hang out with us. We’ll tell you great stories.

Near Dark Tour advance tickets

Hey guys — we’ll be hitting a few local club nights in the run-up to the show, with reduced-price advance tickets. Just ten bucks each, with discounts for multiples. Look for Loki and Suriel at these fine events : Saturday March 8 : Black Mass at Club 24 Friday March 15 : Shadowplay at Rips Saturday March 21 : Decades… Read more →